Zoku is the smartphone app whose goal is to get you to put down your phone as often as possible. It is way to "find your kind" in the moment. It connects you with individuals in your immediate surroundings who are just as crazy about their passions and hobbies as you are! You simply have to join your tribes by downloading the appropriate stickers, and when someone around you has the same sticker, Zoku notifies you and helps you meet!

Find Your Tribes

Tribes define the things you like to talk about, your interests, hobbies and passions. Find your tribes and join them by downloading tribe stickers into your Zoku app.

Tribes act as Beacons

Zoku sends out a unique beacon signal for each tribe you join and scans for matching tribe beacons within 300 feet. Zoku works in the background to find other tribe members wherever you are.

Meet Tribe Members Nearby!

Zoku will alert you when it finds someone nearby with the same tribe sticker. Start with a simple text message and then strike up a conversation in person.